Recent Tutorials

Recent Tutorials

As promised here is another tutorial round up of instructional articles I have noticed this week.

Needlework Tips and Techniques has started a series of articles on how to do Hardanger embroidery. Lesson 1 is here which was followed quickly by Lesson 2

AuntiesBeads.com hosts free online instructional beading videos in their Karla Kam section.

U Handblog has another tutorial on how to make a bag (This looks great for Christmas gifts)

A tutorial on how to make a handy craft carry all bag was published by Marie of Les Passions de Marie. Its a very useful looking bag do check it out. [Thanks goes to Dominique of Une Toile pour Deux for the link]

Linn Skinner reminded me that she has her Little Lessons In Needlework online.

I have pointed to Mary Corbet’s Needle N ‘ Thread site before as Mary has produced man video tutorials on how to do particular stitches. There are now so many video tutorials I had assumed people were aware of them but just in case you are not so investigate her video library of stitches you won’t be disappointed. This week Mary also posted a free Jacobean motif for those who are interested in crewel embroidery

Jess has a video tutorial on YouTube on How to Finger Knit

Early last week I pointed to the Suziblu video tutorials on keeping a visual journal.There is another tutorial to watch and if you go to the You Tube page you can see video responses from those who are joining in. Batatakley left a comment to say that there was group blog formed over on live journal for those taking part. You might like to check it out.

Those are tutorials I noticed this week. Every week more tutorials are been made by crafters and stitchers. They are wonderful resources for the community. If you make a tutorial or publish resources that are related to the topic covered here leave a comment and let me know so I can include it the next round up.



  1. Sharon, I’ve just updated my blog with some Finger Knitting from Jess’s tutorial as per your link. What fun! I’ve spent the last day doing samples for a class tomorrow. I plan to take some TAST stitching with me next week to the Embroiderers’ Guild exhibition at Olympic Park too, people love to see you stitching while you’re (wo)manning displays. Thanks for the great link, and to Jess too !
    Hooroo, Christine

  2. I’ve got to learn to think before I type. Followed the link you’ve given and I see some things that “my” supplier doesn’t carry. There are things that NN has and the linked supplier hasn’t too, naturally. Looks like I’ve found an additional place to spend my money.

    Victoria Sampler has a set of learning kits they call “Beyond Cross Stitch”. The first few feature various speciality stitches. At “level 4” they include drawn thread work, and at “level 5” they introduce Hardanger.
    There’s a nice downloadable alphabet on the main BC page of the website.

  3. I promised myself not to say this again..but, here I go. If you’re interested in Hardanger embroidery, the largest (and best) supplier is Nordic Needle. They also have instruction books and videos.

    At the rate I’ve been touting them lately, I think I should make a note on my next order to them and ask for a commission.

  4. Not sure whether this is relevant or not, but I’m co-owner of a “Focus on Finishing” blog with a page set up for links to online tutorials for finishing items (plus we offer a tutorial each month on one topic). These links you are providing are just wonderful πŸ˜€

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