Create a pin cushion competition

Create a pin cushion competition

Piecework Magazine has announced The Excellence in Needle Arts Awards for 2008. For a chance to win up to $500,  people have been challenged to design and create pincushions and send them by March 1, 2008. The juried pieces will be exhibited at The National NeedleArts Association’s (TNNA) June 2008. Check out the rules and download them, as I read them through and to my surprise the competion is not limited to US residents only.

The The Excellence in Needle Arts Awards appears to be a biannual event as the 2006 winners gallery is housed on the Piecework site. The 2004 winner, 2002-3 winners and the 2000 winners galleries all make for great browsing.

While on the Piecework site  check out the free projects/articles page as there is a great article by Francine Milford on Grandmother Winter’s Navy quilt. This quilt consists of 48 blocks  of wool fabric  each embroidered with a motif. Many of the motifs will be recognizable to any crazy quilter who has examined vintage crazy quilts.

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