Beginners tips for needlework

Beginners tips for needlework

One of the constant questions asked by those who are new to hand embroidery is how to transfer a design to fabric so that you can stitch it. I have just stumbled upon Back to Basics useful tips and techniques which is provided by the UK based Embroiderers Guild magazine Stitch. The article covers 3 methods of transfering patterns to fabric, how to use an embroidery hoop, stretch and lace an embroidery frame and when the project is completed how to lace over card in order to present a piece.

The other question I am often asked is how to start and end threads. Pinhead Stitch for Starting (and Ending) Stitching by Beth Katz covers one technique very well. The other method I use often in crazy quilted block is to use a waste knot . If these directions are not clear enough try these at the bottom of the page provided on the DMC site


  1. Alison you would be surprised how many emails I get about it. I suppose about once every two weeks at least the question is asked. I keep meaning to put the information online on my site but never get around to it. To old hands it seems obvious but to new hands it can stop them from even starting!

  2. Being of an age where young girls learned stitchery both at school and in their homes, I find it easy to take for granted that everyone knows how to start and finish…embroidery, quilting and all that.

  3. Hi..in response to your comment: “Art journals are great but their rising popularity often works against them as they put some people off because many feel that they can not draw etc and they get fearful of even starting a visual journal!”… in the face of all the books and samples on journals, it’s easy to lose track of their first purpose – as a TOOL for the maker, not a product to be seen by others.

    Judith Miller

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