Pushing stitches

Pushing stitches

This PDF file The Riches of Stitches is an excellent resource particularly if you are following the TAST challenge. Not only is there stitch instructions in this article, but ideas on how to push a stitch further. This phrase “pushing a stitch” is often used by contemporary embroiderers. I see stitches as marks – a graphic language that you can use to express ideas. As a graphic language the more you develop your vocabulary the better. How do you do that? By “pushing a stitch” . There are lots of ideas on how to do this in the PDF file.


  1. Thank you for this great resource! My daughter, Molly, and I are continuing our homeschooling embroidery unit and are devouring all the resources we can find. We found one book at our local Library titled -Needlework School- by the Embroiderers’ Guild Practical Study Group with a foreword by Constance Howard. It was published in the 80’s and is mostly black & white, but what a great resource in one spot. I was particularly pleased to find a book I can hold in my hand that is not one of these new-fangled, glitzy project driven handbooks. This is a meaty, college level text book. The best thing – I found a copy on Amazon for 40 cents plus shipping! Does anyone know of other books out there like this?

    Virginia Burnett

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