I Love Tree Decorations

I Love Tree Decorations

Just look at what I received from Maureen of CrazyQStitcher !

Many readers will not know this but I collect Christmas decorations. In our family every year we add a few new Christmas decorations to the tree. We have been doing it for over 28 years so the tree is like a bit of family history. When ever we travel somewhere we look for Christmas decorations. I have a decoration from our trip this year to New Zealand when we went to China we found some lovely decorations. We always look for something special. Over time stitching friends have twigged to my delight in these and some have also started giving me decorations too!

I particularly like hand made decorations. So these will be hung on the tree, delighted in and treasured. Thank you Maureen!

While on the subject of Christmas decorations do you know of any good tutorials on making tree decorations? If any one has any good links to making your own leave a comment and the link. This year I have found a few things but I am sure there are lots of resources out there that people would be interested in so please share it. I would love it and I am sure others would too


  1. Wonderful decorations. It’s been a couple of years since I lost my mom and only this year did I get out ALL of her ornaments and grandma’s ornaments and so on… AND, what we found was so fun. We have a century tree…that is, we have an ornament from each decade of the 20th century on our tree! Of course we’ve added the 21st. Happy collecting.

  2. Those are totally fabulous!! What an idea! I do needlepoint, of course – plus other crafts (for which I have nothing to show right now) – but do have some easy Florentine bargello ornaments showing on my blog – enlarging the picture would make it easy to follow!! they just work from the center out. Questions by e-mail would be welcomed!

  3. Those are simply gorgeous! They remind me a lot of traditional Polish costumes (I had a polish doll as a child that had a beautifully sequined and embroidered vest). Those ornaments are sure to become treasured family heirlooms.

    Like you, we collect Christmas decorations when we travel. We have a whole section on our tree reserved for all the lighthouse ornaments we’ve collected.

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