A new Silk Ribbon Tutorial

A new Silk Ribbon Tutorial

I  Have been so busy trying to keep up with my email generated as a result of next years challenge that I nearly missed this. Melissa of Honey Bees Bliss has posted a video tutorial on How to make a Sweetheart Rose. This is one of the most delightful silk ribbon roses you can stitch. I use it all the time as once mastered it is quick and easy and it does not take up a mile of silk ribbon!  So do check out the Tutorial as Melissa has explained it well. Crazy quilters will love it.

On another note I am still adding people to the Take it Further challenge. This list of challengers will grow over the next few hours as more sign ups and comments have been left over night and my email box is full. So take a look as there are plenty of blogs to browse there many of them  not so well known blogs.


  1. Hi
    I’d love to participate in the upcoming challenge. I am planning to start a blog as part of my creativity challenge for 2008 and was hoping I could let you know the address shortly.

    Sandra Preikschat

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