News and needlework chatter

News and needlework chatter

 CQMagOnline is Out

The latest issue of CQMagOnline is out so make a cuppa settle back and enjoy it. Every crazy quilter is always on the look out for new ideas that can be applied as embellishments in crazy quilting. In the last issue of CQMagOnline Barbara Blankenship threw out an Ideas and Inspiration Challenge . This challenge will last all year and in this issue the first of a number of techniques have been submitted by readers. Some of the staff have also written articles on their favourite embellishment techniques too so there are some great ideas in this issue!

There is a number of articles about the Houston International Quilt Market and Festival which I am sure the American readers will enjoy. It’s a bit cruel for those of us on the other side of the pond as we can only wish … The issue also contains an Artist Profile of Valerie Hearder and enough reading to keep even the speediest of us busy for at least a few hours!

Look who has started a sampler …

Annie of Annies Crazy World has started a 4 inch wide sampler and after me showing her how to start stitches without knots by using a waste knot has shared how to do it and illustrated it with photos. While on her site do check out the tutorial on how to make thumb pin cushions these are the handiest little items so do check out the tutorial.

Anyone else started a band sampler? Just curious …

The guess the length of the sampler and why it was made game I posted about yesterday is causing great amusement and joy in this household.  I will let everyone know the answers on Monday morning  so keep them coming …

I Love the Post

Look at what I received in the post earlier this week from Liz Knopf. The buttons are just delicious. They are vintage, they are varied, they are in all different sizes shapes and colours, they are interesting, and as you can possibly tell they delighted me when I opened the parcel. So a big thanks goes out to Liz for increasing my stash weight by 233 grams!


  1. It’s funny, the diagram I made for the TIF (1 more on sunday) will be – later – turn on into booklets with a name on it to put my embroidered samplers.
    I agree with Mary Anne why not few buttons
    from a lot of us for Sharon’s Crazy treasure box ?

  2. Your pictures are lovely.My aunt has given me asimilar cache of lace.I mneed ideas for using them.Ihoe this comment reaches you .Ithink Ihad made a VSM about where to type the message .I am getting ideas for the challenge,but have not decided on ONE yet.Positively tomorrow if God Wills it.

  3. WOW OH WOW.
    New to blogging and I just found your blog.
    I love quilting, and always wanted to crazy quilt. Even began collecting fabrics to use – and finding your site has reinspired me. What wonderful content, ideas, thoughts. Thank you for sharing!!

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