The winners are …

The winners are …

Last Thursday I posted a guessing game asking how long and why did I piece together my band sampler. No doubt people are wondering what the answer is.

Well the sampler measures 33 ft 2 inches or 11.05 yards in metric that is 1010.92 centimeters or 10.109 meters. If you missed reading about this sampler you will find the story here. Just over 33 feet is a long sampler and the end is open so I can add more!

No one got the exact measurement of but these folks guessed 2 inches either side. So the winners for guessing how long the sampler is, are Debbie Quirion who stated 33 feet, so did Ruth Lane, and Romilly. Quiltgranny guessed 400 inches, Anna guessed 396 inches which is 2 inches the other side so she too won a bundle of my hand threads

I said there was a very practical and logical reason for stitching my samplers together and asked people to guess the reason. Some very good suggestions were made but I did it for security. I like to hand out samples to students in workshops and lectures so that they can see and feel what a stitch is like. People learn by touching, but unfortunately in the past a couple of samplers were handed out but never came back. I figure if they are all stitched together no one can stuff it in their hand bag!

The people who came closest to this explanation are Doreen with “if they are all stitched together they can’t get lost or heaven forbid stolen” and Karen was so close to the reason with “so that you don’t lose a piece when you take them to and from classes” that I thought it was just too mean not to award her something. Sue B also guessed it was for security with “when you take them to classes there’s a lot less danger in having any of them go missing for one reason or another.”

And I just have to award a prize to Colleen for the most creative/amusing reason given who said “U were eating sushi and decided the colors would look delicious if rolled …. u had a crick in ur neck and needed a neckroll …. walked a lot that day and needed a foot rest … being a practical gal decided to Scotchguard it [water repellant spray] and use it as a water hose for the garden, heard the mother-in-law was planning a visit and needed a restraining device [yes, i know .. shame on me], ur tired of looking at the plain white/yellow stripe down the center of the street and the Mayor refuses to pop for new paint, Jerry’s finally gone one step too far and your placing a dividing line right down the middle of the house [hehe .. sorry Jerry].”

As a prize I will send winners some of my hand dyed threads as the guessing game was for the fun of it but I hope they enjoy their little prize.

Some people saw the samplers as series of UFOs which they are not. Often each sampler is a self contained design, created to illustrate a design point or an exploration of some aspect of stitchery. As for aiming for some sort of record I think the sampler that the Emboiderers guild organized beats all records but then 7000 people did participate in creating the worlds longest embroidery at 605.55 meters or 1,986.77 feet. I don’t think any single person could ever beat that!

However as I said at the start of this the end is open so it can grow. In fact I plan to simply add more samplers as they are made. This is the next sampler I am working on.

The border on this is quite wide as I am using this area to experiment with canvas stitches on linen. These stitches are otherwise known as needlepoint stitches and there is no reason why they have to be worked on a harsh canvas. They can be worked on any even weave fabric and can be very effective done this way. I like working canvas stitches on linen so that is what I am doing! I will report in more as I work it.


  1. OH WOW!! Those threads ARE gorgeous!!! I can’t wait to get home to see if mine have arrived yet!!!

    Thanks Sharon for removing my addy. I recalled your saying you reviewed the comments before posting so I thought I’d be safe. Either that or I’d have to fight off half the list for those threads! haha Can’t wait!

    Karen your work is lovely!

    Colleen R
  2. The long length sampler is a great idea.

    I participated in the Embroiderers Guild longest embroidery: it was a very new departure for me at the time, because I stitched a butterfly straight onto the fabric. I found it very freeing, as up until then I had always really planned anything I made.

  3. Just kind of cruising around relaxing and catching up – with these comments and questions about needlepoint – and this beautiful thing of yours – I can see why I had response to my January TIF! This piece of yours is something I do on needlepoint canvase – both 18 and 13 mesh!! Very effective. I have been wondering if mine could be done on fabric as well – now I see that it can! I need to try this and expand my horizons.

  4. THANK YOU Sharon!!! Very kind of you. I can’t wait to see and use the threads! Also, ty for the new line …. from now on when someone tells me I’m ‘full of it’, I’m going to assume a noble air and explain that I simply excel in creative reasoning. haha

    Btw I’d never have guessed it was that short. Looks much longer — as I’m sure it will be soon with all the work you do. Also, never would have thought ‘for security sake’. Guess its hard to resist something so beautiful. You’ll have to keep us posted on whether you begin to notice people wearing larger pocket garments to class. ;op

    My mailing address is:

    edit from Sharon – Colleen I have removed your mail address as I am sure you do not want your personal home address published online

    Colleen R
  5. Regardless of your reasons for creating each individual sampler, the long one makes a fabulous artefact in it’s own right. As you say, it’s a history of different ideas and techniques and of your thought processes and personal circumstances at various points in time. I love the idea that it’s still growing, in fact it’s a continuous WIP. Where (when?) will it end, I wonder?

    And you’re absolutely right, there’s no reason not to use needlepoint stitches on linen. I love the texture and light they can add to any piece.

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