Needlepoint and Canvas stitch resources

Needlepoint and Canvas stitch resources

My post yesterday provoked a question via email as to why I had said you could use canvas stitches (needlepoint) on linen and did I have any online resources.

The ANG has a very good definition of canvas work or contemporary needlepoint as “any counted or free stitchery worked by hand with a threaded needle on a readily countable ground.”

The Needlepoint Now site has an online classroom which introduces the basics and tells you how to read canvas work stitch diagrams.

Stitchopedia is a comprehensive collection of directions on how to work canvas stitches.

Once you have explored a few stitches take a look at the the American Needlepoint Guild’s stitch of the month. Carole Lake of CHL Design has also published a stitch of the month series, with each stitch illustrated and stitched using contemporary techniques. I swear these two sites will keep you busy as I am sure you will see why I find the canvas work stitches so interesting as just like any of the “free style” embroidery stitches once you start exploring them you realise just how versatile they can be.

For inspiration Stitchamaze is a great online gallery site. Make a cuppa as this site will keep you busy for hours!


  1. Isn’t it funny how we all do things differently. Here are people who don’t tend to use linen for needlepoint work, and yet before 2006 I was unaware there was anything else you could use!
    It wasn’t until I read the pattern for the Puzzle Purse that I did, that I heard of needlepoint canvas – and then I thought I was being sent out to buy the canvas that is used in deck chairs LOL. I used to do a lot of cross-stitch and so when I started doing needlepoint I just automatically kept using the same fabric.

  2. Must be the moon or something. I’m exploring canvas stitches as well, and recently posted a collection of similar links!

    So far, I’m enjoying playing with various stitches, but I made the mistake of selecting a 24 ct soft congress cloth, rather than a lower-count linen. I like working on linen better!

    Also, the majority of threads I wanted to play with are more suitable to the 18 count fabrics, methinks.

    But I’m liking it. My sampler’s ending up tiny…

  3. When I want to make canvas stitches on a linen particularly difficult (you don’t see the woof) or embroider on slantwise I always use a “tire-fil” canvas on my linen. This, permit crazy designs directly born from your fancy dreams.
    I said “tire-fil” in french because I cannot find the name in english.
    – Thank you to correct my english, it is very enjoyable for my mind, and me of course –


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