For anyone spending a portion of our time in a studio podcasts are a real pleasure. The BBC have podcast a radio program which teases out the notion of ‘true’ skill. In other words a lifelong engagement with a skill or craft that results in  a high level craftmanship and asks if  there still a need for the craftsman’s ethic.

So next time you are working in your studio perhaps this BBC podcast will stir your thoughts a little.

Another podcast site which is really interesting is the podcasts from Museum of Modern Art in New York. These are discussions with artists, and curators who talk about their reactions to works of contemporary art


  1. Sharon: Thanks for the link to a great discussion about what it means to be a craftsperson. There’s much here to contemplate–the hours it takes to hone a craft or skill; the need to learn many other skills around your skill of focus; the lack of skill-building and -teaching in public school systems, indeed in homes; the lack of the learning edge garnered from crafts that is present in so much of today’s world. Doesn’t this speak volumes to the on-going discussion of slow cloth?

  2. Radio 4 literally keeps me sane at times. Another gem is the Women’s Hour archive which i regularly fill up my MP3 player from and find often incredibly inspiring.


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