A little thoughtful reading

A little thoughtful reading

This morning I have a little thought provoking reading so its time to pop the kettle on for a cuppa, and settle in for a few moments as these two links lead to some considered writing about craft and craft practice. Or you can take time out over the weekend and enjoy them then.

The first issue of the Journal of Modern Craft is free. The journal is a serious look at the subject of craft and addresses forms of making that “set themselves apart from mass production” So for those who say they create artefacts that are artworks or describe the objects they make as designed or part of the cultural revival of the hand made this journal is full of articles to make you think. In fact the contents will keep you busy for at least a week and give you something to ponder while working on your current project. Check it out as I said it free so mosey over there and browse the articles.


  1. Racquel – it depends on what you mean by craft resources. Most of what we produce is shipped out of Australian and manufactured elsewhere. We have lost much of our manufacturing sector and even our wool mills are gone. Our wool gets shipped to Italy – made into cloth and shipped back again! In many ways in Australia we don’t have many choices. To be honest its one of the reasons I recycle like mad

    I would love to hear of Aussie resources anyone knows of

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