Tessellation toy online

Tessellation toy online

Recently I had to dig out some resources about tessellations and I discovered this interactive online tessellation tool
Try it out it’s a lot of fun. Quilters particularly will enjoy it.

If this toy is too complex for you this is a simpler online tool that works with a square grid, a trianglar grid and an Escher style grid.

The term tessellation is used to refer to patterns that are created by shapes that tile and cover the surface of a plane completely without leaving a gap or overlapping. Tessellations are seen throughout the history of art and architecture Tessellations frequently appeared in the art of M. C. Escher. You can browse his work online at the M.C. Escher website.

Quilters may like to look at how Marjorie Rice has investigated tiling of Pentagon shapes. The Tessellations database will keep you busy and there is Tessellations.org too! Have fun!


  1. I showed this web site to my husband, who is a chemical crystallographer. He is currently teaching a class to introduce this technique to chemistry majors, and used the tesselations in the art work as an assignment for the students to find space groups, etc. He enjoys quilt shows to find the patterns. I know nothing about this, but find the intersection of science and art interesting.


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