Vintage needlework magazines

Vintage needlework magazines

magazine cover I love curling up with a magazine and I have pointed to the On-Line Digital Archive of Documents on Weaving and Related Topics hosted by the university of Arizona as a wonderful resource for anyone interested in textiles. Many of these copyright free online books are not only of historical interest but are also a fantastic design source.

Today I want to highlight a few recent additions to the site as recently 8 issues of the the Home Needlework Magazine form 1914 and 1915 have been published on the site. These magazines have a dated charm that delights us one hand and yet many of the designs in them are very modern and can be easily adapted to a contemporary piece.

For instance look at these two designs I found in the Home Needlework Magazine March 1915.

For readers who are interested in historical or vintage knitting, crochet, tatting and lace patterns you will discover plenty between the covers of this magazine.

They are well worth downloading these PDF files and browsing during a quiet moment.


  1. I LOVE that site… I’ve gotten a huge amount of helpful info on silk from them.

    Did you know, if you have out-of-copyright books, you can mail them to the folks at the Digital Archive (it used to be Ralph, but now it’s John) and they’ll scan it, clean it up, put it on the site, and mail your book back to you? I’ve contributed several books on silk to the site.

  2. Apart from being a valuable resource the adverts make great reading too! Lose weight, earn money at home, remove freckles/unwanted hair – it seems that little changes after all!

    Thanks for an excellent link.

  3. Thankyou Sharon. I regularly visit Ralph’s site (a veritable weaving treasure) but hadn’t found these journals – they are a treat. Ralph was so generous with his time and effort, as are the volunteers who have continued his wonderful work.

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