Fabric Origami

Fabric Origami

Fabric Origami is done by using fabric stiffener to create a stiff foldable fabric. It is easily done and mistakes iron out. As a craft it’s ideal as a quilters stash busting activity.

As the Fabric Origami workshop points out after you have stiffened fabric you can “cut, fold, laminate, write on, stamp, mail, stencil, embroidery, bead, paint and handle as you would paper or fabric. This approach to origami offers a unique opportunity for needlework embellishments. Beading, embroidery, tassels, and the addition of found objects can transform boxes and ornaments into personal statements. Painting, stencils, and stamping also leave their mark of individuality. Laminating provides a dual contrasting colors and patterns to materials. You can even apply gold leaf.”


  1. On a similar note, but far less involved than fabric origami, is oshibori origami. An oshibori is a Japanese wet hand towel, and you can make all kinds of things from them. Take a peek at my site. I had some fun making videos of origami cows, penguins and even Godzilla πŸ™‚

  2. Kumiko Sudo has several fabulous books out on fabric origami. It’s hard to choose but I think my favorite is “Flower Origami”. She doesn’t use fabric stiffener in her instructions – only ironing and hand tacking – which may appeal to those who’d prefer something less stiff.

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