Yarn busters

Yarn busters

Over on TipNut.com there is a great list of Yarn stash busters but I have been using my yarn by crocheting a lap rug.

First I have one of these ball winders which I found at a garage sale a couple of years ago. It was the best $3 I spent. It is very useful when ever you want to recycle wool from a jumper you may have unpulled.

I often recycle hand knitted garments. If I spot a good wool hand knit at a thrift shop I buy it and unpick it for the wool. These ball winders are great to wind the wool for you.

I got all my scrap wool together and made up new balls mixing yarns together so that they are the same weight. This means that they will crochet or knit up evenly as your gauge is not constantly changing because the yarn is of different thickness. It’s also fun as you can turn a boring yarn into something that is interesting very quickly.

Then I started this lap rug as a destash project. Progress has been good as the combination of a long week end and the fact that the weather is turning cold here now and it is nice to sit under while I make it. As you can see it’s half done!

As usual click on the photos for larger images.


  1. Wow that was a good find! – those things are expensive … and/or hard to get …
    … if you ever see another one somewhere for that price – get them to hang on to it and tell me! LOL
    btw – that rug is looking good!

  2. ooh! thanks for the link to the yarn stash busters! funny how one gets more in the mood to knit or crochet when it is colder outside πŸ˜‰ here in sunny northern california I am now having to force myself to finish up knitting projects started in the “winter” season…

  3. Great idea about combining yarns! I just bought a ball-winder (regular price; sigh…but it’s worth every penny.), and I love it not only for skeins, but for tidying up large balls of yarn from my ‘charity knitting stash’ that have started to unravel for whatever reason. I’m thinking about joining *both* of your June classes. Terrific!

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