New Software for Stitchin Fingers

New Software for Stitchin Fingers

Note Unfortunately Stitchin Fingers no longer exists as the site closed late 2016 so I have removed the links in this post

I have been having fun with my new online play space and toy stitchin fingers. I am totally delighted with the way the textile community has responded to my idea for a ‘hub’ site. I had planed to celebrate the sign up of the 500th member but to be honest that milestone whipped past me mid week. It happened so quickly I was a bit stunned.

When I started this community I thought I would be able to pull together a group of people but I did not anticipate the popularity of the site. To be honest I thought that a few people would see the potential of a ‘hub’ and it would grow slowly and steadily into something more solid as people caught on to the idea. Well it is already solid and hit the chunky level mid week and has fast become my morning coffee stop and place to play.

There will be an new software release made today so if the site is out of action for a while you know why. (Ning promised 15 minutes but you never know)

Apparently there is improved forum display with two options that might prove handy. We can have a “Flat” display with replies are shown in chronological order, or a “Threaded” display with replies indented below the post or the reply that they respond to. I think since many people are used to discussion lists the display of the forum is confusing (for me too) so I will be asking folks which they want. The other thing is members should be able to freely re-arrange their profile pages with a drag and drop layout.

One thing I did notice is that many people have not found the private message feature. You can send a message to anyone in the group. For instance if you get a comment made on your page you have the option of “comment back” “View thread” or “send message”

“Comment back” will take you to their page so you can respond there. It is public and everyone can see it.
“View thread” allows you to see the conversation so far
“Send message” allows you to send a private message.

Where do you find your messages?

In the bar along the top of the browser you will spot a small message icon that looks like a envelope.

Click it and it will reveal your messages.

The hide box is a small X on the right in the top hand corner

The other thing people have asked about is email notifications.

To change your email notification you can go to My settings found on the right hand side of the page.

On the left side of the page is the option to change your settings for email

Then check or uncheck to choose what email notifications you want to receive.

Then hit save. Done! Now you only get the mail you want.

There is all sorts of challenges, swaps and stitch a longs starting up and many people are organising stuff particularly in the groups. I thought I would make a bit of regular feature of what is happening and how to do stuff here.

If you have not come across Ning networks before here is a little information about Ning in wikipedia . For those with a bit of tech bent or have an interest in social software there is some interesting articles in the references.


  1. Thank you for the information on comment back! I was trying to help someone with her knitting, but lost track of the thread in the discussion group and almost gave up trying to find it. Luckily, SHE found me!

    Because you give us so many wonderful links, I thought I would share one with you!
    Volume Two of “Lines and Shapes” is out and the theme this time is “Blocks”. Volume One was about “Circles”. I carried it in my bag for weeks – can hardly wait for this next volume. Anyway, definitely eye candy for the soul. Preview at http://www.linesandshapesconnectus.com – sorry I didn’t hyperlink, I thought I had the right HTML code but it didn’t work.

    Best wishes! Andrea


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