Craftsman Magazine

Craftsman Magazine

This is one of those posts in which you have make sure you have ink and paper loaded in the printer, make a cuppa and browse the goodies

There are facsimile copies of the Craftsman magazine edited by Gustav Stickley hosted at the Digital Library for the Decorative Arts and Material Culture at the University of Wisconsin. These are fantastic historical resources if you are interested in design history and philosophy. Do put some time aside to browse as these magazines published between 1901 and 1916 as they cover arts and crafts, gardening and landscaping and give a wonderful insight into craft philosophy of the era.

Thanks for the link goes to Meggiecat

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  1. well darlin you did it again! I have just spent almost two hours browsing through the Library, have barely skimmed the richness of these contents. Thank you SO much for such a wonderful time well spent!

    Sarah E.

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