Bg Patterns as a textile design tool

Bg Patterns as a textile design tool

Bg Patterns is a online tool that is aimed at web designers who want to create background patterns easily and quickly but I am sure textile practitioners will see all sorts of ways to use this tool to provoke design ideas.

You can change the colour and transparency while rotating and scaling the motif. This makes Bg Patterns a very versatile tool.

This free online tool takes a motif and creates seamless tiles so you can repeat it across an area. This means it is great for designing needlework fills.

Patterns that fill an area using either canvas stitches, cross stitch or techniques like bargello fascinate me.

I spent some time mucking about with this new toy. Then I saved a copy of the image to my computer.

I then opened it in a cross stitch program, more to see what it would do. 

It produced an interesting results and I definitely can see a start to a design particularly a pattern.

If this design was going to work it in cross stitch it would have to be cleaned up a little (this is common with all images) but I am sure you will agree there is loads of possibilities here that can be taken in all directions


You can also create a free account and store and share patterns or download them to your desktop. My one thing I would love is if we could upload our own little motif and us that rather than just choosing from the presets.


  1. This is great! Those look very much like the graphics of the Talavera tiles I love for needlepoint designs. Part of the fun of that is putting them together in different arrangements, usually four tiles, to create different patterns. (very colorful ones)

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