Composition and the Elements of Visual Design

Composition and the Elements of Visual Design

This article by R Berdan is aimed at photographers but since its main focus is on Composition and the Elements of Visual Design. Since these topics apply to all areas of the visual arts I am sure readers will find it useful.

Berdan clearly discuses line, shape and form then develops the article with topic areas such as colour and composition. If you have encountered these topics before it is worth setting aside some time to read and refresh yourself on the basics. If you have never had any art training this article is a great introduction. As I say he is speaking about photography but these design ‘rules’ apply to all image making.


  1. Great article – all the main points in one place. Not to mention a graphic that might lead me to a solution for the August challenge! My life is balanced in an unbalanced sort of way so his demonstration of weights in relation to the fulcrum, just about says it all!


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