A tutorial on how to crochet a flower

A tutorial on how to crochet a flower

Recently Linda Permann wrote a tutorial for Craft Stylish, on How to Crochet a Flower.

The article illustrates a flower which has been made of standard wool. I am sure anyone interested in freeform crochet will enjoy it.

The pattern draws on the tradition of Irish Crochet and as such many crazy quilters will enjoy creating this flower in a finer cotton and on a finer hook for use in crazy quilting.

(As you can see I am still playing catch  up…)


  1. Timaree, yes these little flowers are great to add to Crazy quilting also there many that if you make them in fine cotton, they too can become embellishments – you find them in old Irish crochet patterns

  2. Thanks for the link. This is a good idea to add to my CQ square from your class I still have not finished. That’s why I wanted to learn CQ though was to be able to crochet, knit, tat, do bobbin lace or anything in a small piece and have a place for it.

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