A pattern for spats!

A pattern for spats!

 I have been poking about the sewing sites again and discovered this tutorial on how to make spats. The pattern is a pdf file and since it is so simple I can see them being embellished is all sorts of ways.  

Regular readers might be asking why do I want spats? Well … as some readers know my daughter is a circus performer. I am in the habit of looking out for patterns of all kinds and to me they look to be the sort of thing a clown might wear.

They are also the type of thing Count Dracula might wear to protect his trousers against all that mud in less desirable grave yards and the like on Halloween. In fact I am sure all well dressed vampires would wear them.

Failing that you might enjoy browsing the rest of the free patterns and tips on the Burda Style site.


  1. Hi Sharon,

    Although I like both ideas I think the challenge appeals most because there’s just enough structure involved and because we’ll be working on stitches that might be a little more obscure.

    I’m a weaver of sorts and have thoroughly enjoyed delving into older books investigating off-loom and needleweaving. I love the idea of combining this sort of free-spirited weaving with embroidery, particularly doing it on a somewhat larger scale using my hand-dyed wool yarns.


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