Free Embroidery pattern from me

Free Embroidery pattern from me

Yesterday I promised a few free patterns, so today I will make good my promise.

I have a couple of patterns that can be downloaded and used for either for Christmas decorations or on projects such as bags. Crazy Quilters could also use them as motifs too. I hope people like them and find they are useful. I have kept them simple so that they can be used in many ways and applied to different projects and decorated in different ways.

Here is the first free pattern in an ad hoc series. If you click on the image you will be taken to a larger version from there the magnify glass icon in the right hand corner will take you to a larger version again. I have left the patterns reasonably large so that people can scale them to suit their needs.


I stitched up a couple of samples.



The first will become a Christmas tree decoration. The design is simply worked in a couched thread. I could have hand embroidered the lines in stem stitch or chain stitch just as easily. There a simply endless possibilities for further embellishment with this design but I kept it very simple adding a few sequins. (In our house you can’t have Christmas without sequins)

The second was worked in a thick cream cotton thread (that is actually a crochet cotton thread) on a light weight denim that actually came from a recycled shirt. Influenced by the traditon of candlewicking embroidery  I embellished it with french knots  and finished it off with wooden buttons.

It would be ideal to work on a tote or a bag as a gift.

With that in mind I worked out a few repeats. The first is simply 3 motifs in a row. (These designs are also available just click on them.)

The second a block of 4 could be interesting to take further on a Tote bag.

The second design I have been playing with is this one. It would be equally interesting to place in repeat.

The sample I will make into a Christmas decoration but it would lend itself to other interpretations too.

This type of post is a bit of an experiment, I hope people like them or it provokes a few ideas.

These patterns are released  under a Creative Commons License. You are free to use them but please attribute them to me, and link back here. Thanks.

Please note: 

For those who are beginners in hand embroidery I am writing a step by step guide on how I transfered these designs to fabric and then how I stitched them. So swing back here soon as they should be up by the end of the week.





  1. Hi Vianna both the gold and the blue one are 3 inches or 7 cm across. They could have gone smaller as it was not hard to manipulate the thread around a curve at that size. I kept the design very simple so that they could be worked quite small. I hope that helps.

    Sharon B
  2. Sharon, thanks you for your generosity. I’m curious, how large are YOUR embroidered designs in the photos (the first, gold one in particular)? Some line designs dont translate well when small. I’d like to make a Christmas ornament
    Thank you.

  3. These are beautiful – and of course I’m looking at them for potential needlepoints on "jeweled" ornaments – for myself, of course. It’s great of you to share, and I’m sure many others will appreciate it too.

  4. Thank you Sharon! I already have a use for the first pattern (I hope to use it on this month’s TIF piece). I thought that would be fitting because TIF itself is your challenge and the pattern is yours too. Somehow they go together!

  5. Sharon, I have lifted two of your pictures from the post you did on May 8, 2008 about the band samplers you and Annie are making to illustrate what I am about to embark on myself. I have linked back to both of your blogs, as well as making the announcement of your move. Hope all this meets with your approval! :- )

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