Tutorials, patterns and freebies for the holiday season

Tutorials, patterns and freebies for the holiday season

With December fast approaching and there are tutorials, patterns and freebie downloads all over the net.

Over on A Print a Day there are some free Stickers and Tags to download and print off.

My to do lists are not very fancy, in fact they are usually on a scrap of recycled paper and I don’t think that this festive list pad, also from A Print a Day will not make the list shrink faster but it is cheery.

Papirklip of Æsker is a blog which houses many patterns for paper printables. There are patterns for Christmas tree decorations, gift wrap and delightful paper folded hearts.  Don’t miss them as they are really delightful.

I discovered Papirklip of Æsker  via Meggiecat who has a few goodies of interest such as is these Vintage cookie Ornaments and this pattern for a Felt bird ornament. Just simplify them a smidge and you have a  contemporary take on an old pattern

This little button Advent calendar by Diane Gilleland made me smile but the idea could adapted for all sorts of shapes.  I immediately thought of door wreath but there are lots of other adaptions so that the idea could be used on different types of decorations.

Mary Ray of Craft Stylish has a tutorial on how to make a very quick table runner for the holidays.

Also via Craft Stylish are these small festive wreaths that would be an ideal project to make with children.



  1. Thanks for posting these ideas! I especially enjoyed the Angel Cookies 🙂 YUM! I have a free vintage Christmas Display pattern that you or anyone can have – it is from around the 1950’s – a choir boy. I think it could be easily adapted for use with basic embroidery or quilting. IF I had the talent and time I would try to make it into a really nice quilt block with other vintage holiday designs. Such is life…..never enough hours in the day!

    You have a great site here! I look forward to checking back often to see what else you have posted.

  2. Thanks for these great links Sharon. I’ve passed them on to an Art Teacher friend who does some amazingly creative activities with her classes. Just a note that some of the downloads on Print a Day take quite a while.

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