Congrats are due

Congrats are due

Over on Stitchin Fingers a challenge has been running a challenge which is repeat of my 100 details in a 100 days. Four people have just completed the 100 details in 200 days challenge. First of all a big thank you to Susan of Plays with Needles for running the group.

First off the rank to complete are Helina Penttinen, Diane Matheson, Maureen Bond  of Crazy Q Stitcher  and Annette of Thread Addict

I think these ladies deserve a big round of applause. Do take a look at the flickr site associated with the challenge as there is lots of eye candy there. People are still stitching too so keep an eye on the group

Thinks to self … mmm… perhaps people would like an other 100 details run next year  some time … after the sillyness of the holiday season is well passed … towards the middle of the year

Of course people are completing the TIF challenge too and as comments are being left on the Take it Further December Challenge page

So far Donna of Painted quilt Michele of Fiber Fan  Ronelle posted her work on her flickr site   Monique used the colours on these pieces. Ati of Ati on the Crazy Road has also completed a block based on this months challenge.

If you are watching these challenges finish up don’t forget the flickr group for the Take it Further Design Challenge and Debra Spincic has another TIF blog. There is also a Take it Further group over on the stitching fingers community.

Stitch Explorer Next Year 

Don’t forget next year I will be running Stitch Explorer and sign ups are going on now. The start date each month will be the 15th of the month.

The Stitch Explorer guidelines are here for those who are interested please spread the word and remember to link back so people can find it easily.

Also Next Year 

Just to avoid any confusion the stitch along run out of the Hand Embroidery group  over on Stitchin Fingers  will continue into next year.   The stitch along is not a challenge as such but something that that very easy going as participants can choose to work any stitch or any number of stitches from the list of stitches on what ever project they choose. This is a project you can pick up and put down as you have time. In other words you can work at what ever pace is comfortable as there is no timetable or deadlines as such. I plan to be more active in this particularly after February when our holiday season is done. I will be working my band sampler but everybody is working on different projects and ideas the guidelines are here if people are interested



  1. Just a little late with a big thank you for creating the 100 details in 100 days. I had a wonderful time, under Susan’s encouragement, working on the 100 details in 200 days. It was a challenge to be sure, but what an amazing way to learn and practice new stitches and to pick up from your design expertise, some creativity of my own. I was brand new to CQ in March 08, and now I don’t think I could live without it!
    All the best

  2. Sharon, I am sure the 100 days would be a welcome part to any stitchers hands. I remember how much I tried to keep up with the first one. I stitched along on an old crazy quilt that I wanted to finish and it looks great. I love the stitches, those that really struck me I printed out ,cut to fit a little journal I was keeping and still go to them now. Thank you for such a precious gift. Rene

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