Free Needlework Books Online

Free Needlework Books Online

This Chest of Needlework Books contains links to free books that are online that are about sewing and embroidery. Although many of the books can be found elsewhere on the web,Β  each book is divided into chapters that you can print out separately. This is very useful as it means you can target just the information you are interested in and save on the printing ink!

Thanks for the link goes to Gina of Threads of a Tatting Goddess who emailed me through the week to tell me about it.


  1. Thanks for those links, Sharon. I was happy that a lot of them were written for teachers, because that is what I am. Luckily for the last years a teacher for sewing, craft and wood work. Normally those classes have been cut out of the schedule in my part of Germany. Probably I’ll have to change to other subjects again too soon.
    Anyway, guess how I enlighted I was when I read "The importance of instruction in sewing in the Public School is now generally recognized." Wow, another reason for dreaming of a life in Australia. But uuuups, then I saw the publishing date – 1893.

    How about recent Australia?
    Hello from Hamburg

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