A Thread of Truth

A Thread of Truth

YlI Corporation has released a booklet titled A Thread of Truth (PDF file) a factual look at sewing thread which answers many sewers questions about thread.

The article covers how thread is manufactured including explaining clearly the ‘z’ twist and ‘s’ twist. Topics such as thread finishing, ply, the manufacture of core spun thread, continuous filament thread and textured threads and the baffling topic thread sizing are all discussed. Even the choice of both hand and machine  sewing needles are covered. There is also glossary at the back.

The booklet as described sounds academic and boring but it is not as I am sure every sewer at some stage has wondered what mercerised thread is or what core spun means. It really is worth printing out and either keeping it on file or keeping it in your studio journal.

The booklet is delivered as a pdf file so you will need Acrobat Reader to open and read these files. You can download  a free reader on the Acrobat site.


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