CQ Detail 5

CQ Detail 5


Below the beads are 4 stitches called tulip stitch which also called Slipped Detached Chain stitch. It is a varation on  detached chain stitch as the make it you make a long anchor stitch when you work  the chain and simply thread a second stitch through the anchor stitch. You can make this loop once or twice (you can do it a lot more too). In this case I have done it twice first with the black thread and second with pink. 

As a side note if you are interested in this stitch Deepa has some of her explorations here. 

Above the tulip stitch and behind the beads is a row of herringbone which has been laced with another thread.


The pink is a hand dyed thread the same weight as perle 5.

The black thread is a thin coton a broder which is the same thickness as perle 8

The grey thread used for the herringbone is perle 5 laced with the coton a broder


This seam is between Piece 3  and Pieces 1 and 2


Procion cold water dyes for the pinkish cotton thread


The row of 4 unusual shaped beads were stitched on with the same black thread as the tulip stitch.


What is the back story?
This regularly published series aims to illustrate and document the hand embroidered seams, embellishments and decorations on my crazy quilt I dropped the button box. All articles are categorised in the projects under Crazy Quilt details which enables readers to browse back through the series.
Free Crazy quilt block patterns
In the process of documenting the seam decorations on this quilt, as I get to each block I am diagramming it out for readers as a free crazy quilt pattern. Links to these free pattern pages are listed on the CQ details FAQ page.

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