Give a lift

Give a lift

Gina of Patra’s Place is a fellow Aussie blogger who is asking people to stitch a post card for a bush fire victim. You can read about it in the Fabric Postcards Group on Stitching Fingers

Gina says

There are a number of people and groups doing crafty things to raise funds for bushfire and flood victims, while other people are making items to give to those who have lost everything, as a little gift just to say ‘Hello, I’m thinking of you”. Some Embroidery Guilds around Australia are collecting items such as scissors, needles, etc. to donate to fire victims. Would anyone in this group be interested in doing an FPC as a gift for another craft lover who is having a bad time of it at the moment? I believe there are people making quilts, but I don’t want to get that big – my idea is just a simple ‘minute in time’ item that a fellow stitcher could keep as a reminder that they are being thought of.

This is a great idea as after a fire like this the first clean up is hard but often people are helping and everyone is in shock. At the start you sort of function on automatic. I speak from experience as we live in the area in Canberra that was hit by fires  a few years back. 

It  is about 6 months down the track the you need the emotional lift. By then part of the clean up has started but not much has been re-built and you are still living in the mess. Every day you see the devastation and are reminded of it. It can grind you down. It is then that you really feel at a loss as it feels very much like a long haul and people have forgotten. Projects like this really help. They are a little psychological lift when you need it. 

If you think you might like to make a fabric postcard Gina is running this project out of the Fabric Postcards Group on Stitching Fingers

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