The work of Hinke Schreuders

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The work of Hinke Schreuders

screenshot of websiteHinke Schreuders is a Dutch textile artist who produces evocative, thought provoking and haunting imagery. Most or her work is around themes and stories in womens lives. I think many readers will enjoy her work.

I hope these screenshots from Hinke Schreuders site will encourage you to visit.



  1. Hi Pauline just a quick note to say that I removed your email account so that it is not so public – spammers love that sort of thing. I will email you privately too

    Sharon B
  2. Sharon, I tried to leave my email but it kept saying it was an invalid account. I have a flickr account: Flickr CQ Pauline. The email is (removed by sharonb so it is not so public) I am unable to post pictures at this time but hopefully this crazy weird computer will allow me to do that in the future.

    Pauline Keller

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