International Freeform Guild 2009 show

International Freeform Guild 2009 show

The International Freeform Guild has a web gallery up of the 2009 show.  

Four Seasons includes 52 freeform crochet artists. Countries from all around the globe are represented.

This year artists were not restricted to creating a scrumble they were just asked to create a freeform crochet piece that interpreted one or more of the four seasons.

As a result many of the pieces are wearable, or are collars and neck pieces, hats, or are bags. Others take the form of  contemporary dolls, light shades or even in one case an outragious decorated tree! Combined with the use of other media also added interest.

Attractive pieces combined crochet with items such as shells, shisha, and beads but equally effective was the introduction of sticks.

If you have not encountered this form of crochet before explore the International Freeform Crochet Guild web site further.  

 Sites like this always make me want to get out the crochet hook so make a cuppa and settle in for a browse end enjoy some great creative use of yarn. 

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