This makes me want to stitch!

This makes me want to stitch!

I thought I would share with you my ‘travel pack’ of threads.

When Mum died recently, I went to stay at my sisters and I took my sampler. The problem was, I did not really know what I was going to stitch, or, how much stitching I would do.

So I decided to take a selection of colours. As sometimes happens, a simple thing turned into something else! On this ring each thread is a meter long and is simply looped as shown in the photographs.

I am sure everyone knows how to make these, but just incase the photos is not clear enough, what I do is fold the thread in half and loop the threads over the hoop.

Once you thread the yarn through the loop you pull snug like this.  

As I was making it up, I simply took delight in the colours, but it has proved to be very handy as I simply snip a thread off as I need it. I have a feeling that I am going to use slightly smaller versions of this for other projects as it has proved to be a wonderful way of carrying a lot of different threads.

Not only does it look nice, and travel well I am sure it would be great for some workshops where you don’t know quite what you will use! 

One thing if this becomes a regular feature on my work table, or if I made it up again I would make sure at least 3, 1 meter lengths of any one thread is on the hoop. In other words 3 meters  as I have had to go scurrying to find ‘that thread’.

Other than that, this ring of threads is proving to be a highly successful way of having a wide and varied choice of thread without lots of thread boxes etc around my desk.

I find I am reaching for colour combinations that are out of my normal range or combining textures in slightly different ways too. It happens because I see the threads side by side. They can sit in thread boxes but I have to reach for them. With this ring of threads, more happy accidents happen and see possibilities I might not have noticed.  

Just thought I would share the idea!


  1. Those threads are lovely Sharon!
    You know, I’ve used this technique for years on my crewel wool… (I use an old brass ring that I think was originally sold to make macrame planters with) but it never occurred to me to use it for OTHER thread projects! Thank you for reminding me to take that next step!

  2. Metanoia – yes in smaller bunches you can just unloop it but I found with a big bunch of threads it to be time consuming to unloop and tangles started – so I started snipping a thread off as I need it instead. It works fine, so far and is quicker.
    But there is no reason that you could not unloop, it is just what I do …

    Sharon B
  3. Why do you snip the thread of this ring? When I’ve done this to seperate colours for transporation and ease of use, if you select one thread at the loop end and pull it should bring out just that one thread without any cutting. I cut mine to workable lengths and it means you can get away with not even taking scissors and you can just end off lengths and trim up later if you are out and about.

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