Work in Progress Wednesday – Tying the quilt

Work in Progress Wednesday – Tying the quilt

Last week I showed how I added the border and  was tying/quilting the crazy quilt. Well I am done and now have to attach the false back to hide the mess. Before started that part of the process, I thought I would share a photo so you can see what I mean by mess.

As I said at the time these stitches are NOT seen from the front. As each stitch is hidden behind a bead or button.

Yesterday afternoon I finished doing this. I then pressed the fabric I am going to use for the false back, it is the blue fabric you can see on the edge.  I laid it out, and pinned the quilt sandwich to it ready for the next stage.

So now you can see it on the table looking much as it did last week but there is a lot of hidden work between the back and the false back.

Now I will catch the false back to the quilt at the point of each diamond. Then make the binding and bind the quilt. Not much more to do.


Diamond block crazy quilt

Here is the finished quilt click on the image and you will taken to larger photo. I hope you enjoy seeing it.

The back story

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