How to do Batik

How to do Batik

I thought some readers would be interested in these two videos found on YouTube

The first show you How to do Batik and demonstrates the process. 

The second is filmed in a Batik Dye house in Indonesia. You can see the workers produce Batik the traditional way. (I could not help but notice the working conditions however)   


  1. Batik for me is one of the "wonders of the world," and I have several books for drooling over the beautiful things. When I was in Florida, a friend taught me to do a "layman’s" form. We dipped string into the beeswax/paraffin mixture, and then laid it on fabric, dyed the fabrics different colors, and then cut them up to make quilt blocks, etc. Interesting!

  2. Thank you for the videos. I’m sure the batik jobs in Indonesia are coveted positions but I’ll bet those women are sooo tired by the end of the day and I’m quite certain that they don’t get paid nearly enough or their beautiful craftsmanship.

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