Sites worth bookmarking: Gathering the Jewels

Sites worth bookmarking: Gathering the Jewels

Gathering the Jewels houses over 30,000 images of objects, books, and other items from museums, archives and libraries throughout Wales. 

I was delighted to discover they have a crazy patchwork quilt dated 1884. (Screenshot above) 

You can browse the site by theme or use the search feature for a more targeted approach. You can click on the “zoomify” option to see close details of the image. 

Also there are images of numerous samplers online.

So if you are interested in either historical textiles and/or Welsh culture do make a cuppa and take time to explore Gathering the Jewels

Found with thanks via Needleprint


  1. Gisele
    When I make a block I take into consideration the composition of the block and this is what I teach in my online crazy quilting class. In other words I use the principles of design to control the chaos of the block.

    Sharon B
  2. Sharon-
    I have a crazy quilt question – When making a crazy quilt like above how does one avoid it looking big and messy? How do you make it look cohesive like the one above?

    I have just started reading your blog in the last year and have come to really look forward to your content everyday.



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