Trash and treasure

Trash and treasure

What is one persons trash if truly another persons treasure. I snapped this photo in New Zealand recently as I found the colours where interesting. Not only the lids of bins attracted me but the colours the lane had been painted some interesting colours too. 

I decided to play around with this photo on Adobe Kuler an online colour tool. Using Kuler you can pick colours from a photograph  and come up with some great colour schemes. 

Here are the colours that first attracted me. You can see them mainly on the walls of the lane way


Then I started to muck about with the colour selection



Obviously the colour of the rubbish bin lids interested me



Once I started I could not stop



Isn’t it amazing how someone else trash can be so interesting?


 If you are interested in Adobe Kuler, it is a free online web based tool and there is more information about it here.  


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