Video clips of Lydian Age online

Video clips of Lydian Age online

Eve has her act together in more ways that one as she has edited and produced these videos clips of the show long before I have managed to sort out my photos!

Stilt dance is described as “Nathan Kerr and Eve Everard perform ground acrobatics and upright dance on peg stilts.”

In Lydian age Eve and Nathan both work on stilts and on the trapeze. Since when wearing stilts your center of gravity is shifted, stilt work on the trapeze is tricky! 

This is a slide show of of the performance. It’s very evocative and catches the mood of the show. If you like the clips go to YouTube and rate them as it helps with Eve’s rankings. The YouTube channel is  Long Shadow Stilts 

Most readers will know this, but just incase you don’t and are wondering why I am off topic, Eve is my daughter and who would not take delight in her achievements


  1. OMG Thank you for that post. I have never seen something so creative and orginal before. This seems like something I would see in one of the Cirque Du Soile shows. What a great supportive mom you are!!

  2. Pat,
    Actually Eve did all the work, training and such I just sat back, watched and enjoyed the show! Even though I get a bit fearful seeing her push her body so, I must admit to really enjoying seeing her do this

    Sharon B

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