For the Love of Stitching Sampler – Band 142

For the Love of Stitching Sampler – Band 142

Like band 141 this band of stitching is created by working the cross of  herringbone stitch on top of each other but this time it is sprayed out like a fan. The movement and rhythm of the stitch is very similar to herringbone. If you look at band 140 you will see how the idea was developed. I am sure someone else has thought to work this variation too but I have not seen it documented.


A hand dyed cotton


This section of my sampler is worked on cream dress linen which is an uneven weave


Procion cold water dyes for the cotton thread


All samples are 15 cm (6 inches) wide and stitched together in one long band sampler.

The sampler is currently 44 ft 5 inches or 533 inches (1353.83 centimetres) or 14.8 yards  (13.53 metres) long and still being added to.


I started this section of the sampler in 2004 and completed it early  2005.

Sampler FAQ
For the full back story on this piece visit the Sampler FAQ.

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  1. Ok, I have a weird – and probably geeky complaint – but since you’ve moved over to this blog, I can’t see a lot of your pictures in my RSS feed. I use google Reader.
    Any idea why? I don’t mind clicking over to the post sometimes, but if I’m scanning, I KNOW I miss things.
    The funny thing is some of your images show up. Hmmmmm…..odd.
    (just fyi this is one of the posts I can’t see any of the images)

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