Madame Worth’s New Manual of Fancy Work.

Regular readers know I am addicted to the Antique Pattern Library as it is such and interesting and free resource. I was poking around yesterday and found Madame Worth’s New Manual of Fancy Work. It is the last entry on this page of the Antique Pattern Library


This collection is delivered via 5 PDF files so I have a few of the gems in this collection so that readers know how worthwhile this collection is. The description on the cover reads : “Kensington Stamping and Embroidery, Kensington Metallic Flitter and Lustre Painting, Ribbon Embroidery, Colors of Flowers, Etc., Etc.” But I also spotted  drawn thread work, lace directions, knitting patterns, tatting patterns, crochet patterns and  net work.


I got very excited about this bag pattern as I can  imagine miniature versions hanging on a Christmas tree. It could be filled with sweets.  If I have time I really want to make some.  

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