A Trish Burr give away

A Trish Burr give away

Mary Corbet from Needle n’ Thread is giving away a Trish Burr CD which features seven embroidery projects. Someone will be a very happy winner because Trish Burrs’s stuff verges on the edge of stitchers porn. 

If you have not seen Trish Burr’s embroidery do visit her site. The gallery is loaded full of projects that will make you dribble on keyboard and dont miss the free design on her site too.

I have always liked Trish’s comment on her about page because it runs along very to similar line to my own philosophy. Trish Burr states that:

“We need to keep hand embroidery alive, but if we hug our ideas to ourselves, they will become lost and worthless in the future. If I give you a gift, I no longer have it, you do. However, if I give you an idea then we both have it, and if you share this idea with others then we have multiplied it, expanded on it and watch it grow.”



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