Karma Kraft

Karma Kraft

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Karma Kraft is a new (to me) print your fabric on demand service which is ideal for quilters and new designers who want to explore designing and printing their own fabric.

There is a full explanation of how custom printing works on the site but basically you sign up, upload an image which you want printed, select how you want the image to repeat, and select what fabric you want it printed on. Next they print it using dyes, steam and wash it then ship it to you.

The range of material they offer to print on, include organic cotton, bamboo, linen, silk (six types) and polyester satin. Rayon, Ramie, wool and hemp are all coming soon.

Karma Kraft uses fibre reactive and disperse dyes not pigments. Processes that involve pigments often produce stiffer fabric as the pigment sits on the surface of the fiber. Since dye penetrates the fabric, using fibre reactive and disperse dyes means an end result of soft fabric.



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