Free pattern inspired by an antique pin cushion

Free pattern inspired by an antique pin cushion

screenshot of websiteLast Friday on Maureen Greeson published a pattern for a lovely pin cushion in the shape of an antique bonnet.

It’s a great pattern, as I read it, I had the thought that if you scaled the pattern down slightly, you could replace the card disk with a scratched or recycled CD disk.

The card disk acts as a base to the hat. I like the idea of something that looks so traditional actually secretly being made of a recycled item … just a thought


  1. Hi Sharon,
    Thanks for the link to making this. I have three that my children gave me years ago. The school they went to had a Christmas room that was strictly craft items made by volunteers. Only children were allowed in to shop for their family and friends. The base of at least one of my pincushion hats is made from a plastic yogurt or soft margarine container lid. I have seen others where the crown of the hat used a cat food tin. They do look very good.

  2. Seeing this brought back memories for me. Back in 1976 I made one of these in my high school home ec. class for my mom for mothers day. We used small butter bowl lids for the base. Cd’s would be perfect to use. My mom still has the one I made her in her sewing things. Thanks for a look back at a fun project that has memories for me.

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