A stitched self portrait

A stitched self portrait

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The Stitched Autobiography of Salley Mavor has been highlighted in Threads magazine by April M. Mohr.

Some readers may know Salley Mavor’s blog  the Wee Folk Studio. Do check it out if you have not encountered it before.

I have always been interested in self portrait and autobiographical pieces in cloth. Some call them story cloths no matter what you call them I am sure you will be interested in this piece


  1. Hi Colleen
    There has been more work done along the lines of what Autobiography is – as the genre is as slippery as self portraiture. If you think about it they are both similar drives – only one is written the other is visual. So you can always look there to provoke class discussion and ideas.
    This topic of self representation really interests me – particularly when you link it to textiles. Of course there are journal quilts – which are hugely popular. I have a piece with links here
    I have no idea if they are still up to date but it might be worth your while to follow that line.
    Samplers sometimes become autobiographical such as those with births deaths marriages,etc sometimes have more information on them like the stitchers house or school – shifting them to self portrait.
    If you see self portraiture as involving personal history and story, there are textile items like this
    which tell a personal l history or story

    This is a bit of a ramble about the topic

    These may not be what you are looking for but hopefully it helps a little bit.

    Sharon B
  2. Sharon do you know of other links for example self portrait art? I have been doing a self portrait lesson with my students for a few years, and they are stuck in thinking a self portrait should be a realistic line drawing of themselves. I want to nudge their creativity and can only find a very few examples.


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