Sites worth exploring: The Art of the Embroiderer


  1. I was able to see this exhibit last spring. We stopped on kind of a whim while passing thorugh the area. It was a trip well worth the extra night on the road! Seeing these garments in person was wonderful–I could have spent days there.

  2. Thank you for the link Sharon. What a wonderful exhibition. I have sent a quick email and link to my sister with a warning not to look if she’s in a hurry. This is one to keep going back to.

    allyson merryweather
  3. In the Napoleonic era, a soldier or officer was truly proud of himself is he was "mentioned in a dispatch" to the commander for some worthy effort. I feel as if I had been ‘mentioned in a dispatch’ by you, Sharon. (blush!) How nice.

    πŸ™‚ Linda

  4. Thank you Sharon and Linda for passing this link on. What a fantastic resource – more than one cup of coffee’s worth! Sharon, there is a bit of discussion on the HEN network about the revival of embroidered clothing.

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