Free Pattern: Maureen’s Sewing Caddy

Free Pattern: Maureen’s Sewing Caddy

screenshot of websiteOver on Maureen’s Vintage Acquisitions Blog your will find that Maureen has released free, the pattern for her Arm Chair Sewing Caddy.

This type of caddy not only looks good but is also very useful. If you have not seen this type of design in use they hang over the arm of a lounge chair with the pockets falling either side of the arm.

If your chair has a very wide arm just add an inch or so to the middle of the pattern and they sit perfectly holding your scissors, needle case, odd threads etc The padded section in the middle you can use as a pin cushion.

The design is a classic and Maureen has adapted it for crazy quilters so pop over and down load a free copy of her sewing caddy


  1. Thank you so much for the free pattern for the arm caddy, i love it and i`m making one. I had such a hard time making the crazy quilt pattern, i hadn`t made a crazy quilt square since 2006, and i actually forgot how , but i struggled with it all day long, and it looks pretty good, i`m sure theres mistakes on it, but the next one will be even better. I love the Victorian era and I am making a crazy quilt for my bed, someday i`ll have it finished. I am 72 years old, and live in Leavenworth, Wa


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