The advantages of keeping an Art Journal

The advantages of keeping an Art Journal

screenshot of websiteNo matter what you call them art journals, sketchbooks, visual diaries or my favourite studio journals, a designers reasons for keeping them are often very similar.
In his latest article of his Core art skills series Ben Mounsey sets out to convince digital artists and designers that there is still a place for a paper based sketching and developing a recording practice. In Part 2, The Sketchbook, Ben makes some excellent clear points and offers advice on what to focus on when you are out and about.

Much of what Ben says in Core Art Skills: Part 2, The Sketchbook can be applied to textile practitioners too. So make a cuppa and pop over to read his article


  1. I love my sketchbook. I generate ideas far faster than I could ever stitch them and my use of my sketchbook has been described as prolific. I can use GIMP and Inkscape but I’m more comfortable with my sketchbook despite my weakness with traditional art techniques.

    I’ve also joined "the sketchbook project". There will be stitching but also drawing and collage for that.

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