A tutorial for new variety of silk ribbon rose

A tutorial for new variety of silk ribbon rose

Over on Stitchin Fingers we have a tutorial for a new variety of silk ribbon rose.

On the Stitchin Fingers site, if you look along the tabs you will see a new tutorial tab and the first tutorial on the site is  a Silk ribbon embroidery tutorial on how to work “Lucy’s Rose”

This tutorial was written and photographed by Stitchin fingers member Shirley B who invented this type of rose.

If you enjoy the tutorial don’t forget to visit her blog Shirley’s Twisted Threads she does some interesting work and is constantly inventive.

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  1. The tutorial and the rose is excellent Sharon. Shirley is so enthusiastic, it's infectious. SF is so lucky to have her. I will most certainly be trying out this rose, it looks like it would be a good hard wearing silk ribbon rose. Thanks for giving her the opportunity to place it in a bigger audience.

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