Free embroidery patterns

Free embroidery patterns

Scans of the J. F. Ingalls embroidery stamping pattern catalogue from 1886 are available online and are in the public domain.  We have John Governale to thank for scanning 255 pages, hosting them online and patterns are in the public domain so stitchers are free to use them. free pattern sheet This catalogue dates from 1886 which lands it right in the middle of an interesting needlework era, namely when crazy quilting was in fashion. Viewing the collection became a game of spot the familiar motif. So anyone who is interested in the history of crazy quilting or the history of motifs used on crazy quilts will find this collection of interest too.

There are numerous motifs you will recognise if you have examined antique crazy quilts. You will find in the collection flowers, fruit, vegetables, wheat, strawberries, birds, including storks and owls, spiders, knives, forks, spoons, crockery, vases of flowers, baskets of flowers, fans, hands, musical instruments, cats, kittens, dogs, horses, boots, anchors, horseshoes, mice, roosters, spiders, spider webs, butterflies, bugs, dragonflies, peacock feathers, oriental motifs, and Kate Greenway figures. Anyway as you can see I decided to clean up these peacock feathers. So am sharing them with readers. Enjoy!



  1. Oh, Sharon, what a treasure you found. I looked at a few pages and they are wonderful! I'll have to sit down with a cuppa and enjoy the pictures! Barb

    Barbara from MO, USA

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