I am home with some great news!

I am home with some great news!

Regular readers will be aware that I have been away travelling after teaching at An Adventure in Crazy Quilting organised by Maureen Greeson. I will share travel tales and photos over the next few weeks. I had intended to keep everyone up to date but it did not work out that way.

The Adventure in Crazy quilting was a great success. I stayed with Maureen who wrote about the adventure. As a teacher Allison Aller has written about her CQ Adventure.

I have not managed to do my usual level of blog reading but Cathy K has written about her experiences the CQ Adventure and her responses to my workshop.  Susan of Plays with Needles wrote a wonderful post about my band sampler and workshop here. Gerry Krueger responded to my use of rickrack, about the shape of floral sprays on crazy quilting, dealing with long seams, and working with buttons. Also Sherry of Time for Stitching also written positively of how she enjoyed the workshop. Wilma too has been writing about the retreat in 4 parts. Here is part 1, part 2 and part 3.   Bobbi of Hooray for Needlework has also shared her response to the adventure on her blog.
Adventure in Crazy Quilting is to run again next year!
The big news is that Maureen is going to run another Adventure in Crazy Quilting this time around with 7 Fantastic Teachers! Workshops are going to be run by Betty Pillsbury, Nancy Eha, Diane Fitzgerald, Pat Winter, Helen Gibb, Shirlee Fassell and me. Adventure in Crazy Quilting is running between April 12 thru 16, 2012 at Glastonbury, Connecticut USA.

Class schedules and more details are on the Adventure in Crazy Quilting website.

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