A great response to Crazy quilt workshop

A great response to Crazy quilt workshop

I have just read a wonderful response and review of the 3 day crazy quilting workshop I gave after the CT Adventure. Sherry has been warm and generously written about her experience on her blog Time for Stitching. I had  a wonderful time there and really want to go back!

Quick news update: Incase regular readers are wondering I am in Lyon France and have thousands of photos of which I am trying to sort some to share with you! Promise some will appear soon… 


  1. Sharon, I just want to say( once again), thank you so much for all the pleasure your stitchinfingers site has given me!
    Your generous way of showing all the talented, accomplished works you have completed; whilst providing such a wonderful source of reference – not to mention the invaluable tips! It is second to none.
    I appreciate it immenseley.
    Many thanks

  2. Wonderful post! Thanks for the link. (Also a new blog to which I subscribed.) I'm dreadfully envious of those who were able to attend the retreat and/or seminar. I already know you are a good teacher from your online classes, but after seeing that "impish grin" picture (which is really lovely), I can see how much fun it would be to have a live class. :^D

  3. How lovely to read such nice things about oneself.=) I bet that really gave you a boost, didn't it? I'm so glad it all went well.

    Thanks so much for the tip off on Sherry's blog too. I'd never seen it before, but have now subscribed. Just the kind of things I love to see.

    Safe journey home and hope you enjoy the rest of your travels. I'm still posting my East Asian photos and am about to put up the rest of Korea!! Bon voyage!

  4. Sharon – we already know that here in Aussie that you are EVERYTHING Sherry said about you… I only spent a few hours with you that January when you came to Melbourne and I was wondering how I could kidnap you and have your undivided attention until I learnt as much as I could stuff into my brain…. Congratulations!!!!! I hope you are having a wonderful time and the very bestest time xx Sharon – Melbourne

    Sharon Hunting

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