Work in Progress Wednesday: Lace crazy quilt block 18

Work in Progress Wednesday: Lace crazy quilt block 18

lace crazy quilt block

This is another block that sat around half done for a good period of time. It seemed to take an age to decide what I wanted to do on it! The pink fabric in the middle has a metalic thread woven into it and the colour and weave seemed to fight me all the way.

This week I finally pulled it together with the butterfly, bow and ribbon work. I think it will sit OK when alongside other blocks in my next crazy quilt the Lace quilt.

Where are the other blocks?  

You will find all the other blocks in the Lace Quilt category



  1. Sharon these are gorgeous blocks, as usual, but where are some of the early ones? I don't seem to have #1 or #2 or #3 or some in between. Have you posted them somewhere else or not posted them at all or not done them yet?

  2. One would never know you'd had trouble with the block-it looks really good…of course. It's also good for we students to know that you occasionally have trouble and your wonderful blocks don;t just flow off your fingers.

    Bette Kelley

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